Grazia Cecere

Research interests

Economics of innovation, Economics of privacy , Digital economics, Eco-innovation and Green-ICT, 

Short Bio Grazia Cecere is  Professor (HDR) of Economics at Télécom École de Management in Paris, France, part of the Mines-Telecom Institute.She is research fellow at Université Paris Sud, RITM. She completed her Phd in Economics at the University of Paris 11 and at the University of Turin in Italy. She was visiting student at the University of Sussex in SPRU (2006-2007) and at ZEW in Mannheim (2013). Her main research interests are related to the economics of ICT more particularly economics of privacy and economics of innovation. She has published in international journals such as to the Research Policy, Ecological Economics, Regional Studies, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Telecommunications Policy, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Industry and Innovation.



Economics of privacy

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Behavioural economics

Cecere, G., Johnstone, N., Castaldi,   G., 2017. Information and rewards: results of a field experiment on printing activity, Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy, 1-13


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Economics of innovation

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Working papers

Cecere, G., Le Guel, F.,  Jean, C., Manant M., STEM and Teens: An Algorithm Bias on a Social Media

Cecere, G., Corrocher, N., Mancusi, M. L. 2014. Eco-innovation in SME: Financial constraints (submitted)

Working in progress

Economics of privacy

Cecere, G., Le Guel, F., Omrani, N. Which Web Users read and understand Privacy Policies? 

Cecere, G., Le Guel, F., Manant, M., Giving up your privacy for free services : Are you comfortable with it ?

Cecere, G., Rexhäuser, S., Schulte,  P., Persistence of Innovation : the Case of German (Green) ICT Firms.

Other publications

Cecere, G.,Mbo' Ida, M. F., 2006. Les DRMs pourraient-ils être des outils de régulation fiables?, in : Chartron, G., Broudoux, E. (Eds.) Document numérique et société: Actes de la conférence DocSoc - 2006: Semaine du document numérique. ADBS, Paris, 15-28.

Cecere, G., 2008. Triple play vs. Software Voice in France, in: Waelbroeck, P. (Ed.), Proceedings of the 2008 TELECOM ParisTech Conference on the Economics of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), TELECOM ParisTech, Paris, 416-454.

Cecere, G., Corrocher, N., 2014, The determinants of inter-country cooperation in ICT projects: An empirical analysis on the Framework Programme Forthcoming Book chapter.

Editoral Activities

Research Policy; Applied Economics; Economics of innovation and new technology; Industry and innovation; Ecological Economics; Journal of Cultural economics; Technological change and social forecasting; Technology analysis and strategic management; Telecommunication Policy; Regional studies; Industrial and corporate change; Information & Management; Journal of Engineering and technology management.

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